Friday, September 25, 2009

An evening of sex and violins

Not so much sex as sexiness!

Last night, I used one of my free tickets to the Chattanooga Symphony. They featured Brahms' 2nd Symphony, and Beethoven's Violin Concerto. The guest artist was Alexandre da Costa, whom I knew to be a well-reviewed solo artist.

Little did I realize that not only is he extremely talented, he is also a real hottie! He and his Strad took the theater captive and didn't release us until after an encore!

Since I had missed my Wednesday night dine out this week ( I was subbing at a WW meeting), I took myself out for a pre-theatre meal. I tried out Hennen's in downtown Chattanooga, right across the street from the Tennesseee Aquarium. I had eaten there once before, when it had first opened almost two years ago.

My one complaint about the many wonderful restaurants in our downtown is the lack of parking. You either opt for on-street parking (if you can find it) or suck it up and pay $5. I lucked into a spot not far from the restaurant - yay! And there seemed to be a growing crowd as I arrived, which was good.

They specialize in martinis, so I indulged in a Lemon Drop. Yum! For my meal, I had a "BLT salad" (a basic Iceberg wedge with bleu cheese and bacon bits), and the Feta Chicken (chicken breast stuffed with Feta and sun dried tomatoes). A very rich dinner - but all was well prepared and very nice. They score extra points for my entree arriving piping hot.

I was also happy to see a large crowd there. I'm not sure if this is due to a later eating time, or to the fact that the restaurant is situated in the middle of a high traffic area. Whatever the reason, I always feel better about our economy when I see folks out eating!

So, a lovely meal, followed by a nite of culchah - great! What I love about our Symphony is the varied crowd. You see the stereotypical redneck (in well-worn cargo shorts and ball cap) next to the retired lady bussed in from the local retirement center in her sparkly top. The creme de la creme, mixing with those trying to become the creme, mixed with those who don't care. So refreshing.

As the lights dimmed, I was struck by the many ironies of my life. Thursday I'm out for a lovely, pricey meal and a night at the symphony. Sunday, I'll be a the "best dive bar in Atlanta" to see the Baseball Project play. What a contrast! But it's what makes my life so fun and fulfilling.

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