Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prime 9: 2009

In the spirit of the MLBN's "Prime 9" countdown shows, and because it's nearly New Year's, here are my top nine events of 2009:

1. Turning 50 in the Big Apple: I had a great milestone birthday in New York in March. The company - my three sisters, sister-in-law and two nieces - was outstanding. We had thousands of laughs, some great meals, too much wine, and just an all-around good time! I also managed a few hours at the Met, and a wonderful walk through Central Park. And then there was Madame Tussaud's...

2. May Megapalooza in Boston: I spent Memorial Day weekend in the Hub, meeting up with a bunch of insane people I met via the interwebs. Not one true psycho in the bunch - and we had so much fun! The RS split the two games I went to - I sat thru a hail storm at one - and I got to see the Boston Pops perform songs from their baseball-themed cd. Oh and this:
So now I've gotten photos with Bill Lee and Dwight Evans. My "holy grail" photo is still Carlton Fisk. Maybe in 2010.

3. Two memorable stops on our tour of the major league parks. Red Sox v. Nationals: My first visit to the new Nationals Park in Washington DC. It's a terrific place to watch a game, but two things made it extry-special. We got to see AB, our dear friend who passed away later in the year - which made the meet-up even more special. Kelly also got us absolutely fantasmic seats - right behind home plate. Awesome!

Red Sox v. Braves: We followed up the VIP treatment in DC with the opportunity to watch the RS take batting practice at Turner Field - standing right on the field with them. Jason Bay could have spit sunflower seeds on us.It made up for the un-godly heat we experienced!

4. The Baseball Project concert in Atlanta: What a great little adventure. A quick drive down to Atlanta to see the four-person band called the Baseball Project. A terrific show - and I can't wait for their second album, which should be out in '10.

5. Food tours: While in NYC, we took a food tour of Greenwich Village - and it was really, really interesting and fun. It opened up a new way of seeing a city for me - and I took a similar tour of the North End when I was in Boston in July. I think I will try to add such a tour to each of my itineraries in the future - you get some great ideas for restaurants to try. And speaking of eating...

6. Embracing the good life: My resolution to try out some hometown restaurants has been so much fun. I've had some wonderful meals, and it makes me feel quite special and pampered to treat myself to a night out. And the evenings that I've combined the meal with the Chattanooga Symphony have been especially entertaining. More in '10, definitely!

7. RS v. Detroit: I loved seeing Comerica, but another highlight was getting to see some buddies from my U of M days. We had a great reunion - it took me back 25 years!

8. A renewed, more positive attitude about work: I resolved that this school year, I would have a more positive attitude, that I'd try to reconnect with my students, be less negative with them. And it's really been great. I feel like I've gotten to know them better - and vice versa. I look forward to each day - although not without SOME trepidation.

9. MLB Network: OMG! How did I ever live without this station?! It has revolutionized the way I watch baseball, tv, sports... No more wading through boring football and hockey news on ESPN - I can get the information I want! It's been fun to watch some of their classic games in the off-season, to see Bob Costas interviewing legends of the game. And now that they've added Peter Gammons - woot!

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