Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fan Psychology

Here's an interesting article from the Association for Psychological Science Observer. It's called "The Science behind Fanatic Behavior." It's got some fascinating points - about how fans are ardent because the sense of community created. This is good news for some of us:

Higher identification with a team is associated with significantly lower levels of alienation, loneliness, and higher levels of collective self-esteem and positive emotion.
I think Theo might have read this study, because this sounds like the reasoning behind the whole "Red Sox Nation" thing:

In fact, marketers over the past decade have notably targeted the sports fan psyche by using relationship-building marketing strategies, says Jeff James, associate professor of sports marketing at Florida State University. Rather than exclusively trying to attract new fans, they are attempting to build longer lasting, closer relationships with existing ones.

"It's moving from 'I'm a fan of the team' to 'I'm a part of the team,'" says James.

Go read the article - you're sure to see yourself in it!


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