Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday nights at Fenway

Okay, second try at this post.

I've just been watching "Friday Night at Fenway" on NESN - their latest idea for generating revenue. Basically, it's an extra half hour on the pre-game show. And sponsored by some local corporation. I missed the debut last week - so I was interested to see it this week. The most fantastic part was of fav Gabe Kapler showing off the RS new workout/rehab area - and demonstrating some of his - er, the - equipment. Man, he's got an awesome bod -
Yeah, baby!

A few thoughts from the Yankees-Red Sox series this week. Three games vs. the Yankees - and we came away with two wins. Wow. The series captured all the highs and lows of a series between these two rivals. Basically, two blow outs - one in favor of each opponent. The third game was incredible - nauseating, exciting, disgusting, fun....I'm so glad Wakefield finally got some run support and a win - his record should be so much better than 3-4.

Matsui got injured in last night's game - pretty gruesome footage of him breaking his wrist. I almost feel bad for him - his streak of playing in 518 consecutive MLB games ended. I guess it was a point of pride for him. He joins Sheffield on the DL - the Yankee outfield now is Damon-Crosby-B Williams. And Damon is saying today that he injured himself on that spectacular catch vs. Mirabelli. Aww. Yankee land is abuzz - they are apparantly scrambling to replacement outfielders, since Matsui is said to be out at least three months.

Bright spots: Loretta starts hitting; Lowell continues his hot streak; Papelbon is "so intense;"
Wake showing good form.

I think I might <3 Mike Lowell. He's come out so hot this year - and great story about him on the pre-game show. He overcame testicular cancer just as his career was heating up - he won the Tony Conigliaro award a few years ago for overcoming adversity. And I don't know, that salt-and-pepper look is --- *hot*!

Oh, the game is ON! Let's go Red Sox!!


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