Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday night vs. Tampa Bay

First, an ugly, ugly game last night. Sox lose 15-3 eventually, but the game seemed to be lost in the first, when Josh Beckett gave up a grand slam to Broussard (who would homer again in the 3rd). I think the game turned during the at-bat right before the gs - vs. Martinez. Beckett tried to be way too cute with him, slowing the pace, stretching out the at-bat to 9 pitches, the last being the fourth ball so that he walked. So, it was 4-0 at the end of the first. I just don't have enough faith & trust in our offense to say that we can come back from that. Even just a four-run lead seemed already like an obstacle we couldn't overcome... and so it was.

It's such a different team this year. I know we beefed up our pitching and defense, and they've been (for the most part) impressive. But, hey, chicks dig the long ball!

So, we were 1 out of 3 in Toronto, and 1 out of 3 in Cleveland. Gosh, I hope we do better in Tampa Bay. As someone said on SoSH, "let's beat up on some cheap crap"!

I realized today that three of the four games I'm going to see at Fenway this summer are versus Cleveland. Man, we better improve before then, or it could be three bleak evenings.

Oh, now in the 2nd. Varitek gets a gift triple, and can't get anyone to hit him home. Absolutely pitiful.

I had the chance to see the Mets-Braves game tomorrow night. I would have jumped - if the pitching match-up had been tonight's. Pedro vs. Smoltz - ought to be an awesome pitching duel.

And, totally off-topic, I spent the late afternoon out in my garden, getting my spring/summer planting done. A lovely array of all-white flowers - impatiens, daisies, salvia... I've got to plant my sunflowers sometime this weekend, too. And looking forward to another great year of hydrangeas - my favorites!