Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Age does not protect us from love, but love to some extent protects us from age"

-Author of quote unknown

I'm really starting to fall in love with this team. The past two games have been incredibly exciting, nauseating, heart-stopping, and pure ecstasy. I unfortunately had to work on Monday, so had to resort to trying to look like I was working while having my ear cocked toward my Game Day Audio. And trying to disguise my freaking out over Loretta's 2-out bottom of the 9th home run that won the game.
AP Photo - Stephen Savoia
And he was so incredibly modest in all the post-game hoopla - giving props to Youkilis for hustling out the ground ball to get to first, to the pitchers and the other players...He's been pretty awesome defensively so far, but now this just really cements his place on the team. Speaking of which....

AP Photo - Elise Amendola

ear Youk: please forgive me for every doubting you. When it became clear that you were going to be taking the place of my man Millar, I used some not very nice words to you. I was sure you were just being highly overrated by some people, that you would never be able to make the transition to 1st base, that you would quickly find yourself back in Pawtucket and I would be left quietly sobbing for Kev.

But, something happened. I guess you took my comments as a challenge. You apparently worked out like crazy this winter, and wow, looky what we got here now. A fleet-footed, slugging human vacuum at 1st. I mean, the full-split lunges are almost frightening. Running out that grounder on Monday - magnifique! The game-winning RBIs Tuesday on a clutch double. And as I write tonight, you're 3-for-3, with 2 RBIs and a home run. Yes, I don't think you have to worry any more about driving down to Pawtucket. Keep it going!


AP Photo - Elise Amendola

How can I not mention the magnifique catch by my new Red Sox Boyfriend, Adam Stern. Between Youk, Papelbon and Adam - the kids did us proud last night. They all seem to be playing with such fire, enthusiasm, and passion - it's contagious. I mean, we're only playing the 15th game of the year, and I am already SSOO into this season! Rushing home from work so I don't miss the NESN pre-game show, struggling to stay awake through all the post-game fun in the locker room (or managing to hit the record button so I can watch over my Kashi cereal in the a.m.) Already counting the days until I can see them play live in Atlanta in June!

Go Red Sox!!


Blogger sittingstill said...

I had MLB's feed of NESN on my computer while I did paperwork; my colleague upstairs had the radio on. Of all possible broadcasts, the radio is closest to real time--the computer feed is the slowest, probably 10-12 seconds behind. We'd been going back and forth about the game all day. He'd given it up for lost; I hadn't. Then my phone rang. He said, "Can you believe it?" I looked back to the screen, where Lo was just starting to swing...

3:27 PM  
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