Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Baseball guys are funny!

The less said about last night's game, the better. Sox lose 10-3. Wake looked shaky, his new catcher Bard looked shakier. Beckett tonight - finally, a chance to see the much ballyhooed fastballer in action!

In search of some funny, I was reminded on the Remy boards today about the commercials some of the MLB teams have up on their web sites. Some are pure comedy gold!! For a real chuckle, I hightly recommend visiting the Seattle Mariners' site. In particular, watch "The Legend of Big Richie" - hysterical!

Other team ads worth noting: Oakland A's - ooh, the Barry Zito!
San Franciso Giants - if only to see the Red Sox' new 1B JT Snow
Kansas City Royals - the point of these ads seems to be, hey, KC, did you know we have a baseball team here?!
Detroit Tigers - kind of standard fare here - although the older ones are cute
Minnesota Twins - I especially like Joe Mauer giving a young fan a "special souvenir"!

Now, we just need to get the Sox to produce some of these. Of course, their real comedian, Kevin Millar, has gone on to the Baltimore Orioles. He was on Best Damn Sports Show last night - man, that guy is so naturally funny. We need to get him back to Boston - and into the broadcast booth!


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