Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The cursed ball

Last summer, I spent a week in Boston - and went to six Red Sox games. I toted with me from Tennessee a brand new baseball, all ready for signatures. And I managed to nab a few, which was very exciting to this fan-girl. I've had the Ball proudly displayed in my home since.

However, I've come to think it's cursed. Why? Because everyone who signed it is now gone:
  • Bill Mueller - gone to the LA Dodgers
  • Bronson Arroyo - dealt to the Cincinnati Reds
  • Manny DelCarmen - sent down to Pawtucket
  • Johnny Pesky - got hit by a line drive last week and got a broken leg
  • Stewart O'Nan (co-author of Faithful) - traded to ESPN for Bill Simmons

Okay, so the last is still kicking around. But I'm beginning to wonder if Globe beat reporter Chris Snow was smart to not sign it!


Blogger sittingstill said...

As soon as I started to read your post, I thought of Chris! ^_^ Saw him in Florida, actually, and thought of you!

At least Manny D's move could be expected (along with Hansen's trip to the PawSox). The Bronson deal still breaks my heart. And poor Johnny Pesky! Pat and I were actually at the minor league complex that day but left before he was hurt (or at least no one was talking about it, and I'm pretty sure the college guys had just started when we left).

12:16 PM  
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