Sunday, March 12, 2006

Papelbon v. Twin

In my own Spring Training tune-up, I pulled out the old scorebook this weekend, and tried to brush up on my scoring skills.

And you can see - a total mess! I guess that's why they call them Spring Training games...

Speaking of which, Schilling showed up on the SoSH board yesterday after his appearance in the Pirates game. Among his comments, I was struck by this:

"I felt pretty damn good today, command, velocity, and at the plate.......
The 2006 AL East race, to me anyway, is about health of the pitching staffs, period"

I agree!

Today's game offered a chance to see Papelbon on the mound. Like Schilling yesterday, he looked really strong - at first! Pitched two great innings. Unfortunately, he was on the mound for three... The NESN guys keep talking about Pap's previous start vs. the Twins - which was July 31st. A game I was at! That was the very dramatic game in which Manny drove in the game-winning run.

And, while waiting impatiently for more shots from Kelly's trip to Arizona, here's a sneak:


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