Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday morning quarterbacking

1. I was 13/24 on the Oscar pool. I got killed on all those "obscure" categories, and I reversed Best Director and Best Picture. Initially, I was surprised by the victory for Crash - thought for sure Oscar voters would make a statement and choose Brokeback Mountain. But, on reflection, I think I agree. Certainly, when I finished viewing Crash, I wanted to sit down immediately with someone else and talk about it. There are so many levels and little observations, that it is quite compelling viewing. Brokeback left me wanting to sit quietly, alone, and reflect on its message. It was much more personal, I thought.

The shocker to me was the Pimp song winning best song. I'm sorry, but that was NOT the best song in a film this year. Surely, there had to be SOMETHING better!!

2. So, David Wells has decided to stay in Boston, and I for one am glad. He's a great veteran player, a big-game pitcher, and he is just plain fun to watch. He only went off the deep end a few times last year, so I'm hoping for some fireworks this year, especially since he's made it clear he's retiring at the end of the year. Why not tempt the wrath of Selig a few more times? Chris Snow's article above has got some hilarious stuff with Wells and Josh Beckett cutting up - this could be a dangerous twosome! Said Wells of Beckett's role is his staying:
"That [expletive] over there," Wells said, ''bugging the [expletive] out of me every day."
You can do the Mad Libs thing yourself and fill in the blanks!

3. Every week during the off-season, the Remy Report has been giving away 10 t-shirts. And every week, I have dutifully entered and not won. But, this week, I won!! Yeah!

4. The marquee in front of the Longhorn Steakhouse this morning had lost a few letters. It now reads "TEK Lovers eat here." Sign me up!!

5. Red Sox vs. Orioles today at ST - hope the game's on Gameday Audio. A little sneaky listening at work???


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