Thursday, March 16, 2006

South Korean motivation

According to Murray Chass in yesterday's New York Times (registration required), the South Koreans have a big motivator at work. If they make the semi-finals, the government will waive the players' required 26 months of military service. The older players - who already received waivers for winning the 2002 Olympic bronze medal - are "trying their best to help the younger players so they can have a longer baseball life," according to their press liason.

This was also a great quote from Chass:

While the pitching is populated by major leaguers, the other part of the roster is filled with players named Lee. All three outfielders are named Lee, and the first baseman and third baseman are, too. How is the home run hitter, the first baseman, distinguished from the other Lees?

"He's the most handsome," Seo said, and both players immediately broke up laughing.

I have to say, they have looked pretty impressive so far. They beat Japan last night, eliminating their rivals and allowing the USA to control their own destiny. The USA-Mexico game is on tonight on ESPN at 7:30 pm


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