Thursday, March 30, 2006

Still playing catch up

It's tough trying to get back into your normal routine after nearly two weeks off! I'm still trying to clear out my email in-box and clear my desk of debris. And trying to sneak in a little Game Day Audio of the last Sox ST game... Some leftovers

1. Oh, Bronson, we'll miss you. But considering he's struck out 9 today vs. the Sox, I may be glad he's gone to the National League. Ooo - they just interviewed him, and he's wearing those funky "perfomance-enhancing" contacts.

2. The guys at the Onion strike more gold: "Steinbrenner names Johnny Damon as new Yankee scapegoat"

3. Today's Globe has an interesting interview with stats guru Bill James. One of my favorites parts of the article is the inclusion of the email owner John Henry initially sent to James, inviting him to be a part of the organization. I love this part:
We're engaged in this epic, long-term battle/saga with the New York Yankees. We are determined to achieve what no long-suffering, die-hard Red Sox fan believes can actually happen. Wherever we go across the nation, Red Sox fans come out in large numbers. They're all waiting to be delivered. It's not an exaggeration. Short of war, there has not been a bigger quest since King Arthur's days. We've joined together, we're having a lot of fun and it's just beginning here.
Awesome stuff!

4. Selig finally makes a move about the steroids issue. What will come of it, is anyone's guess.

5. Schilling to open the season next Monday at Texas. I think baseball opening day should be a national holiday - why should we have to be stuck at work??

6. You know that I love any article that bashes the Yanks. Here's a great one on Sports Illustrated's site today! This is classic:
Sure, Red Sox fans miss Johnny Damon now, but by 2008, when his throwing arm has gotten so bad that he's forced to run up and hand the ball to the cutoff man, they'll be glad someone else is signing his checks. By the last year of the deal he'll need a bike, a slingshot and some sort of light rail to get the ball into the infield, possibly clearing the way for a David Ortiz inside-the-park home run, which would surely be baseball's first ever nine-minute play
7. Finally, I'm so psyched for tonight's NESN special, Rem Dawg Unleashed. Thirty minutes of the hilarity that is Jerry Remy - I've got the vcr set!


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