Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday leftovers

Some leftovers from Wednesday night's game:

Pitching: Beckett looked pretty shaky in the first - I was feeling like I had Tuesday night. But after that, he settled down. I kept trying to tell myself that it was only 1-0 - I was actually kind of shocked in the 6th to realize that was still the score. Timlin looked very rusty - even the camo undershirt didn't seem to help. And Papelbon? Yowsa! That kid looked incredible - an 11-pitch, 1-2-3 inning to get his first career save. I understand the NESN broadcast kept showing Foulkie sitting forlornly in the Pen...Have we seen the passing of the torch?

Curt Schilling made an appearance over on SOSH to talk about Beckett's game -I love this:
This kid stays healthy and he's gonna be real special. He'll have a great chance to stay healthy here given the new stuff he's learning about arm and body maintenance and his desire to be _great_, not good.
Offense: When Trot Nixon characterizes your offense as "lackadaisical," you got your work cut out for you. Manny still looks lost at the plate, Oritz hit into two double plays. When Trot and Tek are your offensive leaders.... The 1st base slot in the line-up went 1-for-12 in the series. Where's Millar when you need him??

Coco: He needs his own category. That guy has some incredible speed. Watching him run from home to third on his triple in like 9 seconds - never thought I'd see that in a Red Sox Uniform.

Knucklers: Wake wasn't the only knucleballer to run into trouble at Ameriquest Field this week. Texas has a knuckler named RA Dickey (who starred at Tennessee) - he got tagged for six homers last night against the Tigers. The shots on Sportscenter looked like batting practice. So let's not count Wake out yet.

Bronson: My Bronson had a fantastic debut for the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday. Not only did he pitch 7 great innings, he also hit a home run! Although he still looks like a t-baller in that batting helmet...

Tonight: The Sox are in Baltimore, to take on our old friend Millar. I hope that Extra Innings gives me NESN tonight. I got to see their broadcast for two out of the three Texas games - luckily, because those Texas FSN guys nearly drove me over the edge. At one point, they cut away from action on the field to show a bunch of guys sitting in the bleachers, enjoying dollar hot dog night. Egads!


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