Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vets and Newbies

Having benefited numerous times from mentoring in my professional career, I really like what I see happening in the Red Sox organization right now. The above photo captures it: the older, more experienced player taking the young gun under his wing - advising him, encouraging him, helping him out. The shot of Curt in the dugout last night, cheering loudly as Beckett struck out Michael Young in the 7th was great! Here's how Snow put it in today's Globe:
Curt Schilling had the excitement of an 11-year-old boy who'd found a playmate exactly like himself
Curt's not the only one who's helping along these younger players. On today, there's an article about how Manny and Ortiz have taken Wily Mo Pena under their wing:
"Everybody in this game needs help, even I need help," Ortiz said. "When you are young and talented like Mo, you like to have people around you who you can learn from. That's why we are here. At one time, we were his age. The same thing happened to us."
It's a changed clubhouse in Boston these days. The idiots have left town - some with regrets, some for the money - but Theo is putting together a group of grown men, professionals, and I can only see good things coming out of it. He's building a team, a unit. And Francona showed last night that, despite his well-known loyalty to veteran players, he's not afraid to let the hot younger player have his shot. While Foulkie sat in the bullpen last night, Papelbon came in and blew away the side on 11 pitches. He might not be the official closer, but Pap showed he can bring on the heat when it's needed.


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