Thursday, April 13, 2006

The bad and the beautiful

Well, Wells, that was not pretty at all. Actually, downright ugly. Why Francona let him pitch at all after only one rehab start at Pawtucket (in which he was shelled), is the big question today. And why the heck leave him in after he got hit so hard in that first inning. Tito said he didn't want to wipe out the bullpen for the rest of the week, so let Wells try to keep going. On the other hand, the guy's got an incentive-ladden contract in which his pay escalates with each start. So last night not only cost us a victory, it cost us money, too.

The bright spot was our defense. Several sparkling plays by that infield that is quickly endearing itself to RSNation. And the early reports of the decline of Lowell's prowess at the plate? Guy had another double last night. He's leading the American League with 5 doubles right now. If he keeps this up, he will cement Theo's reputation as a baseball genius.

And the other bright spot:

Even though he's on the DL for 15 days, this guy is still making news - and making news that makes us smile, too. He signed a three year contract extension yesterday, meaning he'll be our centerfielder through 2010. That makes four players signed through 2008: Coco, Big Papi, Papelbon and Varitek. Do you sense that the Sox are building a strong nucleus to take us through the next few years? They can build on these guys, surround them with the young'uns from the farm system. It's a hopeful sign.

And, now for something completely different. If you haven't read Will's story on Deadspin about Chris Berman, Tony Kornheiser and the expression "You're with me, leather," go check it out. It's hysterical!!


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