Sunday, April 23, 2006

Forecast: clearing

I couldn't bring myself to write these past two days. Two very ugly, discouraging games with Toronto. Really, the Blue Jays have built themselves an incredible offense. Much like their namesakes, they never give up. You can't count them out, even down three runs in the bottom of the ninth.

The game Friday night was just plain depressing. We were ahead 6-2, and Beckett let them back in after being left in the game a tad too long. The game ended up going 12 innings - and ended in a depressing loss. That the guys had to come back for a Saturday afternoon was a real downer - and a downer for we fans too! I nearly couldn't face it - and luckily dozed during the Toronto comeback in the 4th inning. We were never in the game..

But today, the forecast looks much rosier. First, Keith Foulke with 1 2/3 innings and three strikeouts. He also looked fantastic - fiery like in 2004. Very hopeful.

Manny seems to be breaking out of his early season rut. He homered back-to-back with Ortiz the other night, and today scored a run. (Even hustled enough that he didn't have to slide into home!)

Lowell with another double today. I believe he's got nine on the season - second in the league. It's amazing that a guy who was thrown into a deal (for Beckett) is turning out to be a key player on the team, both offensively and defensively. Yes, he had an error today, but his play at third has been so far awesome.

What's with Timlin and the camouflage glove? Trying to make himself invisible??

And then there's this....

Papelbon apparently won a bet with Youkilis - and got this mohawk as the prize! Excuse me, this looks like he lost the bet! Very reminiscent of Charlie Sheen in "Major League." With Millar leaving the team, I thought we might be free of weird hairstyles, but I guess not. But Millar always stayed with a style that was working - so it seems like a strange time to be tampering with success. That thought seemed to be borne out today, when Pap struggled with the first few batters in the 9th. He allowed the first two batters on with singles, then faced Sox killer Vernon Wells. Got him to strike out! Then got Glaus to ground into the game-ending double play.

So Pap now has 8 saves on the young season. According to
By converting the first eight save chances of his Major League career Jonathan Papelbon has eclipsed Dick Radatz's 1962 club record of seven. The right-hander leads the Majors in saves this season and needs just one more save this month to tie the all-time record set by rookies during the month of April [Mike MacDougall had 9 in 2003]

There were some great close-ups on him Friday night - the most intimidating stare. I think he could be the real thing! Or at least the "wild thing" - hey, they've been trying to come up with appropriate music to play when he comes into the game. Picture 35,000 screaming Red Sox fans and their reaction when the bullpen gate opens, Pap steps out - and "Wild Thing" blares over the p.a. Awesome!


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