Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, I had an entry all ready and we had a lightning strike in the area that knocked out electricity. Luckily, it's back up and running before the first pitch of the Red Sox-Toronto game! I'll try to save a few times in case there's more coming - we're under a tornado watch right now with violent storms predicted.

A few links:
Check out this article in the Brushback - I know it's parody, but you can just picture Curt Schilling acting like this in team meetings.

I took me two days to get into the Boston Phoenix' article about the 100 Unsexiest Men.

Julio Franco, 47, became the oldest man to hit a home run in the major leagues. I was incredibly impressed, until I realized that he's not that much older than me!

A cautionary tale in Deadspin this week. A Pittsburgh blogger did a whole post on how much he loves GameDay on It really is a great way to follow a game - it gives you the scoring in nearly real time. There's even a little button that says "boss" that you can click - and a fake spreadsheet shows up! Anyway, this guy wrote all about how much he loves it and how easy it is to have it up at work while pretending to be productive. So, within days, he was fired - and the blog entry was cited as proof that he wasn't performing. Yikes! I rarely blog at work - if I do, it's usually an entry I've already written and saved. But I'm going to be much more cautious.

Oh, there's Remy & Orsillo - gotta run!


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