Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sox & Indians

I'm watching the game - right now it's the 3rd inning, and Cleveland is ahead 3-0. We have GOT to give Wake some run support tonight. He's pitched two great games that were lost due to our lack of offense, and that has got to stop. Wake is one of the greatest guys on the team, and they need to show him some love! (And they've just left the bases loaded. They are now 6 for 26 in that situation - pitiful. Extra BP for everyone!)

Last night's game was a real roller coaster ride. Every time I thought we could relax, it was well in hand, back came the Indians. There was a lot of action in blog-dom today about the fact that Tito left Schilling in for 133 pitches, "too long" they cry. But as someone pointed out, he's not a hot-house flower. He's a professional athlete who likes to push himself - his arm isn't going to fall off or he won't drop dead on the mound. Unfortunately, he got no decision. But they've put him into the rotation for Sunday's game at Tampa Bay - one more chance to finish the month with five wins.

Foulkie looked good again. Almost "vintage," dare I say it? And Papelbon is just awesome. Of course, it's easy to be adored and feted in Boston when you're winning. The real test is going to come when he blows a save...And Youk with the first stolen base of his career!!

On a down note, I had to watch on my Extra Innings package - no NESN - so I was subjected to the Cleveland Indians announce team. Ugh. At one point, they talked about meeting Remy in the hall and passed along some of the points HE was making. Lame. Tonight it's the same situation - although ESPN is also broadcasting the game, which is a little better.

Great discussion on Mike & Mike this morning with Jason Stark. They were commenting on the Roger Clemens soap opera - will he retire? will he play for the Sox? will he play for the Yanks or Astros? etc. - Greenberg said that Gammons had told him that Clemens is reveling in this whole thing. With the RS starting pitching spotty, with the Yankee pitching worse than spotty, with the Astros still contending - he can be the prima ballerina. Everyone wants him, and everyone is willing to keep bidding until there's no money left. Where will he end up?? I never harbored bitter feelings for him, and I think it would certainly be a storybook way for him to end his career, back with the team he got started with. And what a rush for the city and the team - no matter which side you sit on. He said today that he won't pitch before June 1st, and may not make an announcement until then. Still, Saturday is the 20th anniversary of his 20K game. Wouldn't that be an incredible day to announce his return?


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