Saturday, June 09, 2007

Visitors in the desert

Tonight, the Sox take on the Arizona Diamondbacks in the second of a three game series. Another late start, at 9:40 pm. Although I think I could cope with these later starts if I wasn't working. Got in a long ( like 90 minute) nap this afternoon, cooked a really nice dinner ( a roasted pork tendeloin that was yummy!), and now waiting for the 9:40 start.

Side note: Yanks started Roger Clemens today against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He won - but I wouldn't call it a stellar effort. 3 earned runs. Total manipulation by the NYY - they held him back due to that "tired groin" - so that he didn't have to start against the Red Sox or White Sox. Instead he gets a start against a very young Pirates team, a National League team. They perfectly manipulated it so Rogah really isn't being tested for a while. One blogger suggested that the NYF have stacked it so Rogah won't face the RS until the playoffs.

And if I didn't despise them enough - reports have surfaced that the Yanks watched the end of Schilling's near no-hitter - and cheered when he gave up a hit. As Cyn said. "stay classy, New York"

Last night, we had our first interleague game of 2007. The first of three versus the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Arizona. And we emerged victorious, 10-3. The most encouraging thing about the victory was JD Drew's performance. Many in RS Nation were calling for him to be benched - his offense has been pretty weak. But his return to the National League was awesome. He had two 3-run homers - finished the night with a career high 7 RBIs in the game. THAT was what I've been hoping and looking for since he signed in the off-season. And best of all was his grin in the dugout after his big hits - he usually comes across as very serious and dour. Not last night! And the fact that this was Josh Beckett's ninth victory of the season? Fantastique!

Tonight, Julian Tavarez starts for the Red Sox - and I can't wait to see him up to bat!

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