Saturday, August 25, 2007

Outlander at Fenway Park

I'm trying to get all my photos organized. And I'm almost there! Here are some highlights of my most recent trip - three games at Fenway, Boston vs. the Orioles. It was a fantastic trip! I got to celebrate the trade deadline deal that brought us Eric Gagne - and his first appearance at Fenway. I got my picture taken with Remy (a perfect match with my Don Orsillo pic from Atlanta!). I met up with my cousins - and godfather, "Uncle Buck" - at the Wednesday game - Cuz David got us a VIP tour of Fenway, including being on the field for Batting Practice! My hours in the Virtual Waiting Room for tickets paid off well - I was really happy with all my seats. I was in the Field Boxes Tues and Thursday (especially great were the seats for the Thursday day game - under cover from the bright sun and a bit cooler) - and in those great dead center bleachers for Wednesday. Favorite bleacherite comment - to Patterson in center field for the O's: Hey, Patterson, get off my lawn!

I've got the photos from my June trip pretty well organized - look for the over the next few days.

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