Saturday, July 07, 2007

Who's now? Who cares!!

I realize that July and August are the doldrums in the sports news industry. The only thing going on really is baseball - some golf, some NASCAR, some soccer. But we're months away from football in any form - or basketball.

So the geniuses at ESPN have come up with their "Who's Now" feature. Basically, they made a list of 64 sports figures, put them into a bracket formula and - voila. Viewers vote on stars in each "round" - picking who is more important in the sports world.

Frankly, who cares if some ultimate fighter is bigger than an X-games skateboarder? Who cares if David Beckham is "bigger" than Tiger Woods? And who cares to listen to Stuart Scott and his band of idiots debate it?? It's such a contrived way to fill time...

Rant over! (And how can you pick between Tom Brady and David Ortiz??)


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