Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm back!

So, I've returned from an awesome trip. I spent the last ten days on the road with the Red Sox! We started with the three games in Atlanta, on to three games in San Diego, and finished with the three games in Seattle. I took, like, 2200 pictures - some of which I will share in this space. Although we finished 4-5 on the trip, we saw some great games. The last one - with Matsuzaka pitching a gem - went 11 innings (although we lost). But it was a gorgeous day for baseball - in the 70's, sunny, humidity at 30%, and a 43,00 fans in attendance. I had an awesome lunch at Safeco - a chili cheese dog and about a pound of garlic fries. Mmmm. And Safeco has a wonderful selection of local microbrews, which is a great alternative to Bud Lite.

It's also fun to be in an "away" city and still be a part of the Red Sox crowd. Clearly, a lot of Sox fans came in for all three series. I think some were local who just came out to root for the Sox, but others were like us, following the team on the road. This seemed to be especially true in Atlanta and San Diego, good destinations to see games and to see the sights.

More reflections later....


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