Sunday, June 10, 2007

Review: Oceans Thirteen

Today I saw "Ocean's Thirteen," the newest installment in what is becoming the modern-day Rat Pack's movie franchise. The first sequel was okay - I agreed with reviewers who said it looked like the guys decided to film their fun. Light weight indeed.

The third film returns the team to Las Vegas. Their partner Ruben has been scammed out of a profitable deal by Willy Banks ( superbly played by Al Pacino). He's comatose - unable to deal with his bad fortune. So Danny Ocean and company come to the rescue - devised (yet another) convoluted plot to exact revenge.

This is a light, fun, summer popcorn movie. It doesn't really require any thinking - just sit back and enjoy the ride. Clooney and Pitt = swoon-worthy. The rest of the supporting cast is quite good. Loved the appearance by the artist-formally-known-as-Super Dave Osborne. Good chemistry of course between Clooney and Pitt - their last exchange at the airport could be a real exchange about their lives.

Looking for a some lightweight fun? You can't go wrong with this enjoyable flick.



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