Monday, June 11, 2007

Time to come home

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Last night's loss to the Diamondbacks (5-1) was a sad note on which to end the road trip. The Yankees series really took it out of everyone (even the fans), and the offense never truly bounced back. Our pitchers were totally in the groove, but they never got the necessary run support. So we ended up with a 3-4 record on the trip.

But, luckily, it's back to Fenway for 6 games vs. Colorado and San Francisco. Not exactly easy wins, but we do have a 20-4 record in Interleague play over the past two years.

I love this quote from Mike Lowell in today's Globe:
Lowell revealed he has plans to start a blog. "Not for me," he said. "My philosophy is, if Manny is willing to sell a grill for $20,000, I'll tell him just to talk to me, and I'll type a blog for him And I'll pay him $21,000, he'll think he sold a grill, and I'll negotiate a dollar a hit. I'll be a gazillionaire, and Manny will be happy because he can buy a new barbecue . . . Everyone wants to know what Manny's saying, so all he has to do is give me two legitimate answers and after that I'll make up anything I want, and nobody will know the difference."
Now that would be some fun reading!

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