Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Rox strike back

Herald Photo by Matt Stone
Well, after a nice little victory for Tim Wakefield Tuesday night (2-1), the Rockies fired back last night. They pounded Curt Schilling, who was making his first appearance since his near no-hitter in Oakland last week. I wondered if he might have a little let-down after that exciting start, and sure enough, he did. The Rockies had 14 hits and scored 12 runs; our slumping offense could only muster two.

It's clear we're in a little bit of a valley right now. We had that incredible month of May, during which I kept saying "It's only May" - don't get overly confident. Our streak coincided with a Yankees slump, so we were able to build a big lead in the AL East. But, baseball being baseball, the Yanks have shrugged off their pitching and hitting woes, and have now won 8 in a row. The Sox, meanwhile, are continuing to pitch very well - but the offense is not keeping up its end.

I know that the bats will heat up again. Now is a perfect time to turn it around - when I'm about to see 9 games in a row! I want to see my guys play - play well - and batter their opponents into submission!

Not asking for much, eh?



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