Thursday, August 30, 2007

Outlander at Turner Field

Yes, I've been pretty lax about blogging this week. But I have a legit excuse - the Red Sox and Yankees were playing each other. Unfortunately, not a good end to the road trip - the Sox lost all three games in New York. Still, the pitching looked good, even strong at time - and some great defensive plays, too. But the bats were absent; one wonders if they were lost in a New York Triangle of some kind. The good news is that now it's back to Boston for the next 6 games, versus Baltimore and Toronto. Hopefully, we can dominate them and pad our lead again.

Meanwhile, here's the second installment of my summer pics. This group is from the first stop on our Road Trip - 3 games vs. the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. We had a fun tailgate the first night with members of the Sons of Sam Horn - their running commentary during the game was really smart and funny, and the ribs were fantastic! Schilling pitched that game - very poor performance from him. But - Coco hit two homers, JD Drew hit one. A large contingent of Red Sox fans - the "Let's Go Red Sox" chants in competition with that Tomahawk Chop.

Game two started under the threat of rain. As a matter of fact, we delayed getting to the park because of a bit of rain. But the game started on time - Josh Beckett vs. Tim Hudson. Ortiz homered, and Josh had an RBI double. Two web gems - by Crisp and Pedrioa. And a 40 minute rain delay - I think it was my first delay in person. Oh, and we won 4-0

Game three - Julian Tavarez. We scored 5 runs in the first inning, and the final score was 11-0! Home runs from Hinske, Lugo, Papi and Manny.

But we did more than see games! We went to the World of Coca-Cola, which I'd really recommend. An interesting exploration of the "impact of Coke on the world." We went to the High Museum and saw two terrific special exhibits: Cecilia Breaux (an early 20th century painter who has been called the female Sargent); and photographs by Annie Lebovitz. The Lebovitz exhibit was really interesting - lots of insights from her in the captions about her approach to photography and about the subjects of said photos. There was an interesting mix of celebrity photos, landscapes, and personal family photos. It was inspiring for Kelly and I - gave us something to aspire to with our little cameras. We also toured Turner Field. And we ate at the Varsity - and lived to tell about it! Oh, and we had our picture taken with NESN's Don Orsillo.

So, after three fun days in Atlanta, it was on to San Diego. Stay tuned.

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