Thursday, October 11, 2007

30 hours

Only 30 hours to go until ALCS Game 1. I'm so ready - I miss baseball! This is shaping up as a great series - same with the National League, for that matter. I for one am relieved we don't have to go through Yankee Stadium to get to the World Series - but I think we'll have a challenge in the Indians. They're a hot young team, with two ace pitchers. But I believe that the Sox are hitting their peak at just the right time.

In July 2006, my annual trip to Fenway involved a series with the Indians. The series featured the famous "Crowmah" game (the Sox were losing badly, and the highlight came in the form of an injured crow that hopped the bases), two walk-off wins, and my first (and only) time to sit in the Monster seats. Oh, and another highlight:

Grady Sizemore....slid into base a little too vigorously. Mmmm.

And here's David Ortiz' walkoff homer - a homer he happened to hit off game two starting pitcher Fausto Carmona. I sure hope this is an omen of good things to come!

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