Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another day of rest

Photo from the Boston Globe

Thank goodness for the two days to recover from the ALCS and get ready for the World Series. Trying to work Monday on 3 1/2 hours sleep was brutal - but it's almost worse today. It's like jet lag - or, I guess I should say, sleep lag. Another night tonight to get in bed early and prep for tomorrow.

However, I'd much prefer this schedule to the one the Rockies' fans have had. I can't imagine going 8 days between ball games - you'd be totally out of practice in the quick recovery. And it's allowed RS fans to stay totally stoked and ready for the Series.

I just hope the same is true for the teams. Pedroia was saying in today's paper that they haven't had the chance to get rusty, and that the Rockies won't have faced live pitching in quite a while. I know the Rockies have had incredible momentum, but the long lay off has to play havoc with that "mojo." And as I told one of my students yesterday, the thing about winning streaks is that they always come to an end sometime. Let's hope that happens tomorrow night!

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