Thursday, December 27, 2007

Review: Waitress

Believe it or not, as huge a movie fan as I am, I have only just signed up as a member of Netflix. As a matter of fact ,I enrolled on Christmas Day - and my first selection arrived today. It was an independent film called, "Waitress," one that only played here for a week, tops, and that I really wanted to see.

What a little gem - definitely in the "Little Miss Sunshine" school. Keri Russell (who we all loved in the TV series "Felicity") works as a waitress in Joe's Pie Diner, and is stuck in a loveless, borderline abusive marriage. She discovers - to her chagrin - that she is pregnant, a child she does not want but will continue on. The "action" of the film follows her thru her pregnancy, her affair with her obstetrician, and her relationships with her colleagues. The action is all reflected thru the pies she makes - Naughty Pumpkin for her OB appointments, Bad Unwanted Baby for her first trimester. The pies are all yummy - I wish they had included a bonus with recipes!

Terrific performances from Russell and (swoon) Nathan Fillion as her doctor. The incredibly poignant back story is that the writer/co-star, Adrienne Shelley, was murdered two weeks before the premiere. It's sad to see this wonderful little film and know that the talented writer behind it would not produce another little gem.

So, my first Netflix rental = a success. Running to the PO tomorrow a.m. so that I can get another from my queue!



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