Thursday, December 13, 2007

Judgement Day

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

So, the Mitchell Report was issued at 2pm this afternoon and, as promised, there were some prominent names listed. Surprisingly, Barry Bonds was included! Apparently, many close to Major League Baseball were NOT surprised that one of the names was Roger Clemens. Rumors about his use of steroids have circulated for years - many point to how he suddenly became a better pitcher after being let go by the Red Sox. He went off to Toronto and won two Cy Youngs.

And now we know why. No, it wasn't just his obsessive training regimen. He and his boy Andy Pettitte were also being provided with Human Growth Hormones by their personal trainer. The Mitchell Report goes into explicit detail about Clemens receiving injections of HGH from the trainer between 1998 and 2000.

Another name on the list was one that makes you say, "Hmm, explains a lot." Eric Gagne, the celebrated closer who totally melted down after his trade to Boston. The Report even reproduces emails between Theo and the RS scouts about Gagne, asking about his rumored steroid use:
The scout, Mark Delpiano, responded, "Some digging on Gagne and steroids IS the issue. Has had a checkered medical past throughout career including minor leagues. Lacks the poise and commitment to stay healthy, maintain body and re invent self. What made him a tenacious closer was the max effort plus stuff . . . Mentality without the plus weapons and without steroid help probably creates a large risk in bounce back durability and ability to throw average while allowing the changeup to play as it once did . . . Personally, durability (or lack of) will follow Gagne . . ."
Hmmm. It all falls into place, doesn't it?

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