Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Further Lowell revelations

This from Jayson Stark:
Although there were lots of reports that the Phillies made a four-year offer to Mike Lowell over the weekend, that isn't quite true. They were prepared to make that offer if Lowell had told them he wanted to be a Phillie. But instead, Lowell was so intent on going back to Boston, he called the Phillies and told them it wouldn't be right to even ask for an offer. Just one more example of how one of the classiest humans in baseball operates 24/7.

The more I read about the contract negotiations, the more I'm glad we've kept Mike for another three years. The fans love him, he loves Boston - it's a perfect fit.

From the New York Times:
“I really don’t believe everything should be about money,” Lowell said. “I just didn’t think my happiness should be bought just by dollars.”
Class act, man. has the audio of his conference call yesterday. Listen to it, and picture Mikey kicked back, in his velvet smoking jacket, snifter of brandy in hand, fielding questions from the media. Sigh.



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