Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Thursday thoughts

Taking a break from the Lowell saga, well maybe not...

1) Last night, it began to look like ARod will remain a Yankee next year. There are many theories as to why he has gone crawling back to the Steinbrenners. I think it most likely was that Boras over-estimated the interest in his client. Reports are that most GMs at last week's GM meetings kind of shrugged, smiled and speculated about who would be foolish enough to give Boras and ARod all that money. Apparently, none were. So, ARod went over to Tampa and pleaded for another shot. Without Boras sitting at his side.

I think that's my favorite part of this whole "epic drama." The man who just two weeks ago was praised in a lengthy New Yorker article as one of the toughest and best negotiators - forced to remain out of the room. Forbidden entry by management. Forced to try to manipulate the negotiations from the lobby. I hope that other teams will follow the Yankees' lead, and try to gain some control over that Demon.

2) The New York Daily News says that, even though it looks like the Yankees will have a 3rd baseman, they still are interested in Mike Lowell, as a First Baseman! Amazing. Is it just to keep him from the Sox? Mike has never played first base before - what could he be thinking? (Other teams mentioned as having "offered" him a four contract - St. Louis, Atlanta and Houston.) So, the Yankees could end up with two infielders playing out of their natural position, all to keep a less and less effective Derek Jeter at SS?

3) I'm sorry Josh Beckett didn't win the Cy Young - but I wasn't shocked. CC Sabathia had a terrific regular season, impressive numbers. Granted, he totally fell apart in the post-season, spanked especially hard by our "Commander Kick Ass." And, as many have pointed out, I bet Josh is just as happy to have a WS ring as another trophy for his case.

4) The Sox published their schedule yesterday. I'm not enthused about the National League opponents this year, although they do play three games in Cincinnati in June. Bronson? I've been looking it over, and trying to decide which games to attend. Tampa Bay in June? Baltimore in May? Definitely not Japan in March!

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