Sunday, November 11, 2007

Offensive superiority

I've been re-watching game one of the World Series this afternoon, and a thought struck me. Every time there is any kind of interleague game, there is all this discussion about how the AL is at a disadvantage, because they can't use the designated hitter. But in watching today, I realized that the National League is at a HUGE disadvantage when they have to play under our rules. Look at game one: the designated hitter for the Rockies, Ryan Spilborghs, batted NINTH!! Their bench is filled with guys who can pinch hit for the pitcher, not guys who can actually hit consistently. In the AL, most DHs bat third, fourth or fifth - which shows the strength of these guys at the plate. Yet, the NL can't muster an extra slugger.

So, maybe having the home field advantage goes beyond having the crowd on your side. It allows you to put your best possible offensive team on the field. It forces the opposition to insert lesser players into the batting order.

Maybe that's why the Sox have swept two consecutive World Series. They (and the American League teams) are built to put runs on the scoreboard.

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