Friday, November 16, 2007


AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

All of the sports news for the past two days has been focused on these two jerks. As mentioned in the previous post, Bonds was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury yesterday, and most of the talking heads have spent the past 24 hours discussing it. Some are surprised at the timing - why now, after nearly four years of investigations. Some are saying he's been persecuted (okay, it's mainly his defense attorney and Stephen A. Smith who are saying this). Others express little surprise beyond why it took so long. What is their evidence, one wonders? Must be good.

The jerk on the right is, of course, Alex Rodriguez, now the highest paid man in baseball. After opting out of his contract with the Yankees in search of more money. His agent, the spawn of the devil, Scott Boras, convinced Alex that there was huge $$ out there. Well, a week later, Alex has crawled back to the Yanks and renegotiated a deal - with Boras forbidden entrance into the room.

One has to wonder how the New York fans will receive ARod on opening day. Many had begun to boo him at the Stadium, and I would imagine those he had begun to win over will be miffed. Could be interesting.

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