Monday, January 28, 2008

Review: 27 Dresses

If you've seen the trailer for this light bit of fluff, you've pretty much seen the movie. The story: Katherine Heigl is a 30-something singleton, who spends a lot of time being a bridesmaid. She meets James Marsden (pictured above), the writer behind the weekly "Commitments" column in the newspaper. Complications, angst, heartbreak all ensue when Heigl's sister falls in love with Heigl's boss (on whom she has a secret crush) and she must now plan her sister's wedding. Predictable.

But, on a cold, damp wintry afternoon, when baseball seems ages away, when Spring Break is weeks away - it was a lovely diversion. It fulfilled all my expectations - a chick flick with a happy ending. And Heigl and Marsden elevate it above the level of a Hallmark or Lifetime movie offering. Like a piece of wedding cake, it's light, fluffy, forgettable, but immediately enjoyable.

Plus, gazing at the fellow above for a little while is oh-so-pleasant!



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