Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So close!

Herald Photo by Matt Stone
Okay, so maybe Daisuke Matsuzaka looks a little dorky with the mullet and the dye job. But you have to admit, he looks pretty relaxed and trim. Unlike last year, when everyone was saying he looked a bit "heavy."

I've got high hopes for him this year. No, I don't think he'll ever challenge Josh Beckett to be the number one starter. But I predict a good, solid year for him. I'd like to see him settle in and be our good old #2!

NESN's first ST show airs tomorrow night at 6:30. And then a daily broadcast of their workouts, every day at 10 am. Got the video tapes stacked up and ready to go!

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Blogger Ted D said...

//Daisuke Matsuzaka looks a little dorky with the mullet//

Beth, I think he looks sort of dashing with the mullet. ;)

Thankfully, baseball is here.

7:43 PM  

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