Saturday, February 02, 2008

Manny! And Politics!

Herald photo by Matt Stone
Rob Bradford has a great article about Manny Ramirez' off season training at API in Arizona. He looks and sounds pumped to return to Boston and get playing some baseball! And we are definitely pumped for it, too.

And this political note....

It's Super Tuesday this week here in Tennessee. (Hey, Hillary just called and asked for my vote!) Sometimes it sucks to be in a conservative enclave such as the Scenic City. To wit: here's an excerpt from today's editorial page:
When Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama appeared in their Democratic presidential candidate debate in California on Thursday night, both of them predicted that one of them would be the next president of the United States.

Now, that is an extremely scary prediction - unless you want higher taxes, socialized medicine, inaction about the 12 million (or 20 million?) illegal invaders of our country, plus US surrender to Islamic jihadists in Iraq.

Those things are among many dire results promised if either Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama is elected...
(Chattanooga Times Free Press, February 2, 2008)

Wow. Talk about scare tactics. And some of these crazy, conservative, backwater conservatives will actually believe this, be scared, and vote for someone like Fred Thompson. It's so embarrassing...

And congratulations to Andre Tippett - newly elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Now THERE'S some momentum for tomorrow!

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Blogger beckperson said...

Beth, I feel for you. We grew up in Ohio, in one of the most conservative corners of the state (Cincinnati) and it was so incredibly frustrating. But, it's good to know you're there, hopefully fighting the good fight. Hang in there!

8:22 PM  

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