Friday, February 01, 2008

Countdown: 12 days

Only 12 days until Pitchers & Catchers report to Ft Myers. Yeah!

And baseball news is starting to show up in the news: Sox sign Sean Casey. The good guy former first baseman for Detroit and the White Sox signed a one year deal with the Red Sox. He'll be back-up for Youk, Lowell and Ortiz - looks to be a good bat off the bench. Plus, he was recently voted the nicest guy in the AL - a great clubhouse guy to have on our team. So that plugs the last hole in our 40 man roster....looks like we're set for the Fort!!

A harbinger of spring. Today I went down to the indoor track to do my daily walk (2-3 miles, depending on my mood). As got down to the gym, I popped in my iPod - the first song to play was "Centerfield" by Jon Fogarty. As I approached the gym, I heard a noise that sounded surprisingly familiar. As I got into the gym, I saw the origin of the sound. The Middle School baseball coach had his team down there, tossing long ball. The sound of the ball hitting the leather was like a hymn.

Soon, soon, soon.

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