Sunday, May 25, 2008

Review: Prince Caspian

Today I saw the second movie in the "Chronicles of Narnia" series: Prince Caspian.

I did watch the first film last night, so that the story would be fresh in my mind for the sequel. But, really, the sequel isn't too confusing. If you saw the first one, you'll quickly remember the plot: four British children during WWII are transported to the magical land of Narnia, where they help save the land from the White Witch. In the next chapter, it is one year later - in England. In Narnia, 1300 years have passed, and Narnia is now under the control of the neighboring kingdom Telmarin. The young prince escapes his treacherous uncle, and enlists the aid of the Narnians to recover his throne. In desperation, Caspian blows a magical horn, and the four children are transported from the London Underground back to Narnia, and the "ancient kings and queens" aid Caspian.

The four young leads have clearly been taking some acting lessons since the first film; they were quite effective. The actor playing Edmond is the strongest. And when did Peter get to be such a hottie? The same for the young actor playing Caspian - quite easy on the eyes. And the supporting cast of humans and non-humans all contribute well.

The special effects are terrific - really advancing the story. And the story itself was good - darker than the first film but still fun - and poignant at times.

A good popcorn film. Fun, touching, eye candy....what more could you want from a summer film?

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