Thursday, May 22, 2008

Smilin' Mike

Globe Photo by John Bohn

The Red Sox beat the KC Royals today, a four-game sweep of the series. This on the heels of a three game sweep of the Brewers. The Sox have won 7 in a row, and finished the home stand 7-0.

The highlight of the game was two Grand Slam homeruns! JD Drew hit one in the second, and Mike Lowell hit another in the 6th. As you can see, Mike was pretty pleased with the results! Unbelievably, Daisuke Matsuzaka gave up 6 walks (he now leads the AL in that category!) but also had 7 strikeouts (and he leads the AL in that category, too!) He's now 8-0 - and the Sox have won every one of his starts. His hot start feels so different from Josh Beckett's 9-0 start last year. Josh simply dominated every one of those outings. Matsuzaka isn't dominating - yet he does manage to get himself out of every jam. Plus he's been fortunate with his run support.

So the Sox are now off to the West Coast. A ten day road trip thru California and Washington State, and ending with those games in Baltimore!!

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Blogger Ted D said...


It's hard to believe Matsuzaka is 8-0. He's giving me ulcers with all the walks.

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