Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sox 7, Rain 2 hours 30 minutes

AP Photo - Charles Krupa

Okay, I must admit, I couldn't stay awake for last night's game. A two-and-one-half-hour rain delay meant at 9:30 start...way too late for the old lady librarian. And I had to proctor SATs this morning so...

I did leave the tv on as I dozed off, and awoke for the 4th (?) when the Sox blew it open. Still no more homers for Manny, but the Sox bats sure woke up! Sox beat Tampa 7-3. Nice pitching performance from Clay Buchholz - but we're almost coming to expect that from our starting pitchers.

Tonight it's Josh Beckett. I get such joy from watching him work. I'm hoping for a three-game sweep, as payback for last weekend!



Blogger Ted D said...


I half-way made it through Fridays game, between the fever and trips to the bathroom. Last night was better, and it looks like the curse that was on the bats may be gone.

Hopefully the rain lets up and they get todays game in.

9:37 AM  

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