Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Dog Days" of Summer

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Good victory last night for the Sox - actually, another "classless" victory, 12-1. I missed the game - DVR'd it, so I might hang onto it and watch it during the next four days of no live baseball. Kevin Youkilis had 6 RBIs, including his first career grand slam. And Drew, back from several days off with a back strain, had a homer - and Manny followed it immediately with another. Those kind of games are rare - and to have two in one week is, well, great!

Remember my post a few days ago, about first pitches and not knowing how they choose who does them? Well, the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday called upon a world class, award-winning athlete:

AP Photo by Morry Gash

Yes, it's Uno - winner of this year's Westminister Dog Show! A much better choice than Paul Reiser, IMHO!

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