Thursday, September 18, 2008

Better baseball news

Yes, I'm trying to ignore the past two evenings. Okay, we lost two out of three at the Trop - I'd hoped this might be our last visit there this year, but I'm not so sure now. We're still seven games ahead in the Wild Card race, so I think our playoff chances are pretty good. As they say, it's not the car you drive, it's how you finish the race.

Meanwhile, two bits of good baseball news...

Yesterday, all of the MLB teams announced their 2009 schedules. Yes, I know we still have tons of baseball left to play in 2008, but I have little or no chance of seeing another game in person this year. Hence, it's fun to start dreaming and planning for next year. By bedtime last night, I already had hotel reservations in two cities - Baltimore and Atlanta - and a line on a place in DC. Woot! But that might not be all - I've got a nostalgic hankering to see some games in Detroit - and that series in June looks pretty inviting! I know, ten months away - but a girl can dream!

The local baseball news is interesting. Our AA team, the Lookouts, has been the farm team for the Cincinnati Reds since 1988. Yesterday, they severed ties with them - and became the AA team for the LA Dodgers. Not that I think I'll get a chance to see Manny or Nomar play here in Hooterville, but we'll certainly get a look at some of their young prospects. It could make for some fun baseball next year!

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Blogger Ted D said...

No Boston reservations?

I haz a sad. :(

8:47 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Working on it! Wouldn't miss your palooza

7:34 AM  

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