Friday, October 10, 2008

Manny Rant

Alyssa Milano is not one of my favorites - but I've never vilified her to the extent that others have. Granted, her "Touch" line of clothing is both outrageously expensive and outrageously inappropriate to wear to a baseball game. But, still, good on her for her entrepreneurial attempts.

She is also a huge Dodger fan - at least, the Dodgers seem to make up the majority of her list of ex- and current boyfriends. Her blog over on MLBlogs is rightly very slanted towards her team. Still, I can't let this line from her latest entry pass without comment:
Could you imagine a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series? Torre against his old rivals. Manny against the team still paying his salary and the fans that turned against him. Wow. Emotions will run high.
Whoa. The fans that turned against him??? Well, yeah, maybe we've turned against him NOW. But I for one staunchly defended him all season - even when his behavior was abhorrent and inexcusable. (Check my entry on May 14th for a recent example) Pushing Jack McCormick? Aw, must be a misunderstanding. Refusing to even attempt a swing against Rivera? Aw, he didn't see a pitch he liked. And I was not alone in continuing to defend him. Even up until the day he got traded, most fans were willing to put up with his antics, because he could play.

Or at least, we thought he was playing for us. Sure, his hammy bothered him occasionally, as did his knees, and he needed a day of rest. But, did his flight to LA stop in Lourdes en route? Because he sure has hell has played healthy since he left. Suddenly, he can run out routine grounders? Suddenly, he can talk to the press, mentor younger players, and cure cancer?

Understand this, Alyssa, we did not turn against him. He turned against us. Somewhere along the way, he and that spawn of the devil he calls an agent decided he wanted OUT of Boston. And they conspired to get him out town. I still think Big Bad Bud needs to investigate this - because there was a ton of stuff going on behind this trade. I do not like to wish people ill, but there would be all kinds of justice in him coming back to Fenway in the World Series and truly becoming unable to play. At the very least, the welcome he'll get will be awesome. You think the vitriol spews when ARod steps to the plate? Just wait.

And now to cleanse the palate, I offer this photo from the wonderful

Ahhhh. Much better



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