Saturday, January 17, 2009

My buddy, the famous blogger

Not that she needs any publicity, but my buddy Cyn's blog is now on the WEEI website. She won a contest to name the next great blogger! Check out her musings on the Red Sox and other important issues!

As I was surfing the channels on this super cold day (we've even got a dusting of snow on the ground right now!), I discovered that the MLB Network is saluting the 2007 playoffs this weekend. I got sucked into watching game 7 of the ALCS all afternoon - it still is awesome even though I know the outcome. Pedie with the incredible game, Papelbon at his scariest. The only downside was that they didn't play the pre or post-game shows. So didn't' get to see Paps dancing again. Oh well. Now they've gone into the WS Game 1. Those poor Rockies never stood a chance.

Good times!

Hoping to hear some good news about Tek. He and John Henry met for 90 minutes last night - with that ass Boras - so maybe we'll hear something about his coming back next year?!

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