Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mark Bellhorn!

Photo by Kelly O

My first RS boyfriend - after a long lapse in the late 90s - was Mark Bellhorn. The scruffy second baseman - who had a career year with the Sox in '04 - just stole my heart! When he was scuffling at the start of the post-season in 2004, I was ill. And then, came his big turnaround - including two homers off the pole in ALCS Game 7 and WS Game 1. Be still my heart.

Unfortunately, Mark's post-World Series career hasn't been noteworthy. He's played in New York (boo), San Diego, and for a couple of minor league teams. He was actually due to play here in the Scenic City in August - but was released by the Suns before that date. Oh, well..

But now, here's some news!!
On Jan. 13, the Brewers will hold a tryout in Arizona. Yes, [Randall] Simon, who is only 33 and played last year for the independent Newark Bears, plans to be there. So does second baseman Mark Bellhorn, among others.
WooHoo! Good luck Mark!!