Sunday, December 28, 2008

No news news

Photo by Kelly

A niblet of good news today, via RBI Magazine:
RBI Magazine has learned from multiple news sources that the Red Sox have begun negotiations with last year’s Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.
There was a piece on SportsDesk this morning about the available catching. The market is small, and old. The average age was in the mid-30s. So perhaps both parties here would be wise to revisit their negotiations - if Tek would agree to a shorter term contract, it might be worthwhile to keep him around for a year or two. He's incredibly valuable to our pitching staff, which I think outweighs his fading offensive power. Not to mention the immense benefit of having him mentor some of our young catchers.

And in other good news: Only four days until the MLB Network debuts! Imagine: 24 hours a day of ALL baseball. I discovered yesterday that it will be broadcast on DirecTV on Channel 213!! On opening night at 7pm:
1956 World Series Game 5 Brooklyn Dodgers @ NY Yankees featuring Don Larsen's Perfect Game. Stay Tuned Following the Conclusion of the Game for a Sit-Down Interview with Batterymates Don Larsen and Yogi Berra
I am really excited about this! No more having to sit thru endless minutes of hockey and football reports on the sports channels, hoping for some crumb of Red Sox news. Yeah!

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