Friday, December 19, 2008

My new idol

I admit: I've harbored a secret crush on Sox owner John W. Henry for a while. I know that he's a total nerd - a stats man. But that ability with numbers has been partly responsible for the Red Sox becoming a winning franchise. He's a disciple of Bill James and the whole "Moneyball" thing - and those theories have been a cornerstone in building the RS dynasty.

Last night, the ultimate nerd faced down the biggest ego in baseball. The Red Sox' big three - Lucchino, Epstein and Henry - flew to Texas to meet with Mark Teixeira and his agent, that spawn of the devil, Scott Boras. Reportedly, the Sox brass arrived with the anticipation of shaking hands and signing an agreement with our proposed First Baseman. Instead, sources say Boras told the RS that Teixiera had another offer for much more.

Baseball fans know this is a Standard Operating Procedure for Boras. He always has a mystery team on hand, ready to offer much more more money or more years. (Check out WEEI's Fake News take on this subject!) But it looks like Mr Henry has decided to call Boras' bluff. He said that the Sox are no longer interested in "Mr Teixeira."

So, is there a better offer? Some are reporting another offer over $20 million from what the Sox offered. Is that real? Is Boras blowing smoke?

Who cares?? We don't need Teixeira - yes, he would be icing on the cake. But with a healthy squad next year - including a healthy Mikey at 3rd - we don't NEED Teixeiera. Nor do we need any more of Boras' bs

At this point, I might have a hard time cheering for Teixeira in a RS uniform. Especially if we have some lower cost, more team-oriented choices (Youk and Lowell)

Excuse me for a moment: Screw Boras and screw Teixeira.

/end of rant

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Blogger sittingstill said...

I should never have warned you off of him, I know!

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