Monday, December 08, 2008

Where are the days going?

  • I can't believe that Christmas is only 2 1/2 weeks away! Where has 2008 gone??
  • And yet, the off-season is going by pretty quickly, which is good. The Baseball MidWinter Meetings are taking place this week in Las Vegas, which means Baseball season is coming soon! It was so awesome to rush home from work today, turn on ESPN2 and see "Baseball Tonight." I was so excited, I didn't even care that John Kruk was on there. I was so excited to read some reports from Vegas online today, I didn't even care that Joe Morgan was interviewed. I didn't even mind seeing Scott Boras at Maddox' retirement press conference.
  • Okay, I lied. I did hate to see Boras. That will never change.
  • I suddenly remembered this cool website today: Christmas 101. It's got links to all of the Christmas classics - Rudolph, Grinch, Madagascar Penguins - even the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special! Very Cool.
  • Speaking of cool, I discovered an incredible thing about my DirecTV today. I read about a special coming on Ovation tonight - "Yo-Yo Ma and Friends: Songs of Joy and Peace." I just ordered the CD on Amazon - it's the fantastic cellist's Christmas album - so was interested to see the special. But I was afraid I'd forget by the time I got home from work! So I looked up the schedule online on the DTV site - and noticed a button that said "Record to Receiver." Hmm. I clicked it - and voila! It was programmed onto my home dvr. So you can set up recordings remotely. Is that cool or what??

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Blogger Ted D said...

Beth, DirecTV rules. And somehow I don't mind Kruk; he's sort of like me, only fatter and with worse hair.

He talks out his rear about everything with no facts to back it up, yet acts like it's the gospel truth!

9:35 PM  
Blogger HorshamScouse said...

That's a neat feature that Sky TV hasn't launched here yet.

My verification word: natarse (I'll reach my teens eventually)

10:39 PM  

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