Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No disappointment here

July 30, 2008. RS vs. Angels. This dude went 0-for-3, with two Ks.

So, we've had 24 hours to digest the news that Mark Teixeira is not going to the Red Sox, Angels or Nationals. He is, in fact, going to be a New York Yankee. What a shock, that a Scott Boras client would sell his soul to the highest bidder - and then claim that he's dreamed his whole life of playing for said team.

But, you know, I feel no disappointment, no sense of disillusionment. Yes, Teixeira is a good, good player. Yes, he would have helped the Red Sox. And yet, I can't see locking in ANY player for eight years. We saw what can happen at the end of those long term contracts (hello, Manny Ramirez). Yes, this makes the Yankees a favorite in the AL East in 2009. And they may win it all next year - but there will be plenty who will say they merely bought the title.

It does make me sad for Major League Baseball. Despite the outcome for my team, the Tampa Bay Rays were the story of the year in baseball - the small market team who beat the big guns in the AL East. It gave hope to all those teams - the Pirates, the Royals, the Orioles - hope that by building on their farm teams, that by carefully using draft picks, by biding their time, ANY team can triumph. The Yankees pulling out Daddy Steinbrenner's checkbook once again seems to make a mockery of that hope. And that's bad for baseball.

My hope? An epic fail. Would I love to see the Yanks open the season 0-20? Hell, yes. Would I love to see the fans who are paying $2500 for a seat in the New Yankee Stadium booing their own team? Hell, yes. Would I love to see Teixeira booed at home? Hell, yes.

And selfishly? I'm so glad that the #25 will still be worn by Mike Lowell.

Now, Theo, go find us a catcher!

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